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Where To Buy Kirby Sentria Vacuum Bags VERIFIED

Your Kirby Home Care System is designed to perform excellent when vacuuming. Your Kirby filtration bag is a major part of your KIRBY filtration system. Original KIRBY HEPA bags are designed to keep the harmful particles like dust-mite excretes inside your KIRBY bag and not released back into the air.

where to buy kirby sentria vacuum bags

If you can afford it without sacrifices because you're well enough off to afford it hooray. They are very good vacuum cleaners and it quite likely can be the last vacuum you will ever have to buy they are that well built. Are they over priced? Debateably yes and no. Personally I think the Dyson is overpriced for a plasti-vac that under normal usage will probably not last more than say 10 years tops before plastic friction fit hinges, buttons, etc begin to crack and break. What turns people off Kirbys is the sheer weight of them, alleviated though by yours which is self propelled but they're still heavy to lift when you need to. I would keep it and use it, polish it once in a while and it will last forever. Plus replaceable parts and service are readily available as it always has been just about anywhere in N.America.

I used that 3 day return rule to rid myself of the guilt I felt paying that much for a vacuum. I was really worried about having to fight them to take the vacuum back, especially having read a lot of kirby sales horror stories here on the internet. I am extremely pleased to say that the return went very smoothly, nobody even tried to talk me into keeping the vacuum. I sure do miss the Kirby, but plan on purchasing one from either ebay or secondhand from a vac shop.

After making another call to the manager, the supervisor offered it all to me for $800 which I accepted. So I ended with a new Sentria, shampooer, some type of rotary brush that was demoed by the sales rep. The supervisor also threw in a set of three bags and a couple of belts. In addition, the supervisor said he forgot to ask about a vacuum to trade in and asked if I had "ANYTHING" I could trade. I told him that all I had was my Dyson and he wasn't getting it. The supervisor said not to worry about as he had something that could be turned in from another sale.

I have the 8# Oreck -- bought it 11 years ago for $300 which included the hand-held. Yes, the bags are a little high, but non-allergenic and can be bought on-line at Christmas time with no shipping. (Don't buy the generic bags --- dust everywhere.) Anyway, it is light-weight, easy for stairs and I love it.

It's a bit heavy, but with the canister handle attachment, you can even sit the vacuum on the steps and do stairs without any problem. The roller system takes getting used to, just make sure to lower the brush to the lowest setting where brush roller light stays solid.

I've only had to change normal stuff like bags and belts. I changed the roller brush twice and I needed to buy a new plastic end for the hand attachement hose (the end that hooks to the vacuum itself; the prong which pushes a button on the front of the vacuum to let it know something is attached).

We sold both Rainbow and Thermax Extractionaires for about 20 years, as a part time self employment income. Both of these units use water to collect the dust, when you get through vacuuming just empty the water and you are ready to go again. Also, they are a wet vacuum, meaning you can vacuum up water with them. Both come with steam cleaning abilities. Now to the point of the message, our best customers were people that owned Kirbys. The reason, they paid very much money for them and were not satisified. As for getting dust out of carpet where another unit had just worked - you can do that with any one. That also was our selling point. One problem that most people have is they move it too fast, and do not give the unit time to do the suction it should do. It has to have time to get the air to flow throught he carpet and into the machine. Happy Cleaning.

i love it!! i love my kirby and yeh we may have to question the sales tactics behind the scenes but at the end of theday it is just marketed i an a different way because the philosophy behind the guy that invented it J.Kirby, was to explain the orice of a kirby once rather than apologise a thousand times which is what dyson, miele etc are doing!! buy one vaccuum in ur life and get a kirby... i have no regrets with my sentria and it doesnt take a brain surgeon to work out how to use them!! get one ppl but always barter down !!

I was fooled last year i bought for 700 last years model and it hAD a warrenty too. NO NO NO. the motor burned out took it to a kirby dealer they said it was a 1995 version and it is not under warrenty .. it was going to cost 300 to repair and if the transmission went it would me more. keep in mind it was a 16 year old vaccuum. but my kirby dealer was willing to fix it. my husband and i decided we loved it so much but didnt want to fix it so be got a new one 2011 model with wARRENTY at a great cost by the dealer. i think he felt sorry for us. so if you buy door to door like we did. keep in mind those companies are fly by night companies. and call kirby to check the serial number. we are not stupid people .. the one from 1995 looked brand new on the outside.CAUTION.. all in all this is going to be the last vacuum we buy it does not compare to anything else.

I actually work for Kirby, and Ive had a few people buy them of of ebay, and realized that it didnt work the same. They also dont come with the life time warranty. They are worth the cost in the long run...You cant look at it as just "another vacuum" because most people have "just a vac" and it doesnt even compare to the kirby. If you feel the price is too high, then you obviously dont care about the investesments you already have made. Most of us spent over 1800 over 2 years just for a cell phone, with the kirby you only pay that once,and it last a lifetime. So just keep in mind how much money it will save you over your lifetime...and also remember all of the attachments go to the hose...the hose ither goes on the front,for suction...or the side for blowing air.

i purchased a kirby sentria last year and i wouldnt trade it in for any other vacuum in the world!! i mean come on guys its AMERICAN MADE! why would u think a dyson from mexico is better its plastic! i mean its common sence guys plastic is desighned to break eventually, metal is not! i hear some of these comments and im just so surprised how ppl can be so nieve. like i said before its common sence

I ended up telling them to take their vacuum and leave my house. I asked them where my original vaccuum was and they asked me what colour it was?I told them to leave and advised them to bring back my original vaccum or else i would make a complaint and slammed the door.

I just bought a house that had 2900 square feet and all the bedrooms and hallway have white carpet! I have always had hard wood so I didn't pay much attention to having a good vacuum. My mom says my grandfather had a Kirby and none of his kids really wanted it. He passed in 2012. I am thinking it is this old beat up thing! Um NO! It was a barely used sentria and he had only had it a short time. My aunt has a Dyson and my uncle and mother have all hard wood. Honestly they were all a little miffed that someone sold their 91 year old father such an expensive vacuum. But his house was always clean and tidy so I am not surprised he bought it. I have never had a Kirby and wish I had seen the demo! Maybe I can find it on youtube. I'm trying to figure out where to find bags.

My family has always sworn by Kirbys. They are amazing machines. Consumer Reports rates the Sentria 5 out of 5 in every category pertaining to functionality; the only categories where it takes a ding are in noise level and weight. I haven't had a chance to work with the Sentria series but I understand they just keep getting better. While a $2000 vacuum cleaner is well out of my price range, the $150 vintage 1983 model I bought rebuilt in 2005 is still going strong. 041b061a72


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