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Daniel Phillips

Poly Art , !(Android)

Life can be a bitch sometimes. That's why we all need a way to vent from time to time. In this game, you will find a beautiful space to unwind while painting beautiful polygonal illustrations with numbers.

Poly Art , !(Android)

My Poly Art Diary is an original 2D puzzle game that invites players to paint beautiful low poly style drawings with numbers. It is similar to a classic coloring game, but with some very peculiar illustrations.

How the experience unfolds also changes slightly. Instead of having paint pots that you need to use to fill in fragments of the image, you are given the polygons that make up the illustration directly. Each polygon is marked with a number, so placing each piece in place is fairly straightforward, although completing the drawing takes time.

The APK file download includes a wide selection of low poly illustrations divided by themes, such as flowers, animals or pop culture. And there's no shortage of soft and soothing melodies either. All this makes up a beautiful and elegant game that offers a relaxing and very beautiful artistic experience. It's a real delight. 350c69d7ab


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